Yorkshire Apple Cider Vinegar, Scarborough

Yorkshire Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
100% Natural – 100% Yorkshire

Apple To Cider Vinegar

Yorkshire Apple Cider Vinegar is fermented and bottled on our three generation family farm in Seamer, Scarborough, at the gateway to the North York Moors National Park, and adjacent to the beautiful Yorkshire coast.

In 2020, our cider production ceased and we decided to concentrate on our distinctive Yorkshire Apple Cider Vinegar, using traditional methods to produce a truly natural and 'slow' food. After three years of gentle maturation, we are proud to produce a unique cider vinegar of around 4% acidity, that is made from start to finish on the farm, and from 100% Yorkshire apples.

From our own orchard at Bridge Farm, and our local community, Yorkshire apples of many different varieties are blended together, and cold pressed to produce a sweet juice which is allowed to ferment slowly with wild yeasts to produce raw cider. After two seasons, a second ferment is started, which allows the alcohol to turn into vinegar using the centuries old Orleans method. More time allows the natural sediment to settle out. At no stage, is anything added or taken away from the original apple juice.

Cider Apple Vinegar Splash

The mother of vinegar is actively encouraged to form on the top layer of the cider barrels. This is a natural combination of cellulose and beneficial naturally occuring bacteria, which aid the acetification process and proves beyond doubt that the cider vinegar has been allowed to mature naturally, with no industrial interventions. Every bottle we produce contains a portion of the original mother, which manifests itself as cobweb like strands or gel-like blob, which allows the cider vinegar to continue to mature in the bottle and gives Yorkshire Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) a unique, crisp, natural flavour.

Apple To Cider Vinegar

The orchard at Bridge Farm was planted in 2010, in response to the demise of apple orchards all over Yorkshire. However, we realised that there were still hundreds of trees in local gardens producing fruit that went to waste every year.

We are hoping to continue our tradition of inviting patrons to bring their excess fruit to be pressed on the farm through our Community Press. It is hoped that the 2022 pressing season will be allowed, and contributors will be able to take home their own juice as in previous years. More information will be released in time for next year's apple harvest.