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Apple Juicing Is Back!

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After a three year hiatus, the pressing equipment at Bridge Farm has seen action again. A hardy group of volunteers, some new, some old faithfuls, pressed donated eating apples throughout September. In the past, the majority of our juice would be allowed to ferment to produce cider, and then on to cider vinegar.

With the decision to relinquish our brewing licence and a surplus of cider vinegar from the Covid era, we took on board the requests to press local apples to produce apple juice. And boy, its been a bumper harvest! With most of the apple juice returns completed, and the press put away for the season, our efforts are concentrated on selling the remainder of the 100% pasteurised apple juice - harvest 22 crop.

This year, we have moved to 3litre fridge pouches, and 5litre and 10litre Bag in Boxes (BIB). We are committed to an eco considerate packaging option wherever possible. The price of glass has escalated, and is largely imported, so this new option ticks many boxes. It is more eco efficient to produce, and less bulky to transport.

Our Apple Juice Operation

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Our new look Seamer Fayre Apple Juice is now available to purchase through our on line shop, for collection only from Bridge Farm YO12 4BX, as the weight of the product makes shipping very expensive. Seamer Fayre Apple Juice will also be featured along side our Apple Cider Vinegars at local fairs in the Yorkshire coast region throughout the winter. Look out for details of these fairs on social media.

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